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Women's Country Boots & Shoes

We are specialists in ladies' country footwear and we have a large range of country boots and shoes for you to choose from. We are preferred suppliers and stockists of Dubarry and Fairfax & Favor footwear. We have a number of different styles available such as deck shoes, long country boots, slip-on moccasin style shoes.


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Fairfax And Favor Womens Explorer Boot Mahogany

Fairfax And Favor Womens Explorer Boot Mahogany

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Womens Country Boots & Shoes

Jacks 1952 are specialists in women’s country boots, stocking official brands such as Fairfax & Favour and Dubarry. We offer a number of different styles in our women’s country shoes, from loafers to long women’s country boots. Each shoe is designed for a smart or casual look, made with high calibre materials like leather and suede. 

With every style made for a different traditional use, here is our comprehensive guide on the styles of women’s country shoes we offer, including their purpose and how best to care for them. 

Deck Shoes

Deck shoes, also known as boat shoes, are a type of footwear ideal for boating and wet flooring given their high levels of traction. As deck shoes can easily be worn without socks, they are the perfect summer women’s country shoes and should be featured in every wardrobe. Deck shoes have been a fashion trend since the ’80s and are now seen as casual footwear. 

The main material used for deck shoes is leather and rubber soles, or other non-marking fabrics. Caring for these shoes is simple and products like leather shoe oil can help maintain the quality. To clean them, you should first remove any laces and wash those separately, wipe down the surface of the women’s country shoe with a cloth, before applying leather conditioner to finish. 

Long Country Boots

These women’s country boots appear in two styles, heeled and flat. The heeled boots are more elegant if you’re aiming for a smarter look, whilst the flat boots can be seen as casual attire. They don’t have a singular purpose and can be used for country walks, stable days and even trips to shows. For cold winter months, these long women’s country boots will keep your legs warm. 

Jacks 1952 long country boots are mostly made from suede, a material that needs to air dry if wet and can also fade if left in direct sunlight. However, they aren’t difficult to maintain. Simply brush with a suede cleaning brush to remove any dirt or grit, then spray the shoe with a suede protector. 

Slip-on Moccasin 

Slip-on moccasin shoes blur the lines between smart and casual, suitable for any occasion. The traditional purpose of moccasin shoes was to allow the wearer to feel the ground, whilst also protecting the foot. Slip-on moccasin women’s country shoes are hassle-free, with no laces, zips or buckles needed to secure them. Our range of styles ensures there is a match for every outfit. 

Similar to long women’s country boots, slip-on moccasins are often made from suede leather, and their maintenance requirements are no different. For stains, using a small amount of white vinegar, rubbed in with a clean cloth, can help remove or reduce any marks. 

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a common choice of footwear for women of all ages, initially gaining popularity in the 19th and early 20th centuries before becoming fashionable from the 1960s onwards. Whilst often used for riding purposes, ankle women’s country boots are a staple for many wardrobes, easily paired with jeans, trousers, skirts and much more. 

Jacks 1952 offers ankle boots fashioned from a sheepskin lining and waxed leather outer. Sheepskin care sets are available for purchase, should your ankle boot lining become dirtied or stained. Specialist cleaning foams are required for sheepskin, gently scrubbed into the material before the residue is removed with a sponge. Let the sheepskin air dry, then go over the shoes again with a suede brush. 


A similar style to moccasin shoes, loafers are a type of slip-on footwear often made from suede or leather. Whilst a common feature in men’s wardrobes, loafers are also a perfect women’s country shoe choice. Loafers prioritise comfort, providing a pleasant yet stylish shoe for the wearer. 

When cleaning suede, it’s important not to brush any dirt off until the material is dry. Doing so could worsen the marks and make them more difficult to remove. Brushing the suede and leather often will rid the shoes of dust and light stains, helping to keep your women’s country shoes clean and shiny. 

Heeled Country Boots

Unlike their flat counterparts, heeled women’s country boots aren’t fit for riding purposes but are certainly stylish. Producing a smart and fashionable look, heeled women’s country boots fit any occasion whether it’s formal or casual. The heel is small yet prominent and the memory foam insole provides a comfortable fit for every wearer. 

To keep the shape of your suede heeled country boots, you should keep the shoe upright with a boot tree fitted inside. This helps retain the original shape, preventing toe-curling and creases that don’t occur with natural wear. 

Jacks 1952 provides women’s country shoes from a variety of brands to customers across the UK and elsewhere. Shop our women’s country shoes range above and filter with your favourite brands.

Logo of british country clothing shop Jacks 1952