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Dubarry Stockists

Jacks 1952 are a proud official UK stockist of Dubarry and Dubarry clothing, offering a range of products from headbands to footwear and everything in between. Our Dubarry clothes come with free UK delivery on any order over £40, which almost every product qualifies for. Shop the Dubarry clothes range below, or browse all of the Country Clothing Jacks 1952 offers.


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The history behind Dubarry Clothing

Dubarry, established in 1937 in the small town of Ballinasloe, Ireland, began as an Irish footwear company named after Madame du Barry the mistress of Louis XV. Dubarry wanted to differentiate itself from other footwear brands in Ireland at the time, and so decided to take a European name instead. 

Initially focusing on leather shoes, Dubarry gained a positive reputation for their high-quality footwear and professional craftsmanship that went into each shoe. As Dubarry was located on Ireland’s west coast, the founders were constantly inspired by Galway’s great sailing history and heritage, turning towards the development of leather moccasin deck shoes. 

Dubarry didn’t start exporting goods to Europe and the UK until the 1970’s, then focused their sales towards marine trade. In the 1990s, Dubarry invented the first waterproof and breathable sailing boot called Shamrock. The mid-’90s brought the Country Boot Galway and in 2000 their first pop up store was created and unveiled at Syon Park West London’s country fair. In 2005 Dubarry was introduced to the US for the first time at the Kentucky 3 day event, now part of the Rolex Grand Slam. 

It wasn’t until 2007 where the Dubarry clothing collection was launched, with unique tweeds inspired by Irish tartan patterns and women’s shirts were now being made as Dubarry clothes. 

2012 saw the first Dubarry store open in the home city of Dublin, followed closely by the first UK store in 2013. Dubarry clothing is now a proud sponsor of Burghley Young Horse Event and Horse Sport Ireland.

Riding with Dubarry Clothes

Not only does Dubarry sponsor horse riding events, but you can also find Dubarry clothes there too. Burghley Horse Trials 2017 brought sponsorship and plenty of business. The Dubarry logo can be seen on jumps, numnahs, advertising boards and Dubarry clothing.

Dubarry clothing and footwear is used for riding purposes, perfect for dressage wear and show days. If you’re looking for smart and professional riding attire, look no further. Each item is fit for use and isn’t just designed for show. They produce classic and traditional riding and hunting Dubarry clothes, worn by British, Irish and international riders since the 1840s. 

  • Willow Tweed Jacket - This stylish navy tweed jacket is designed for both a sporting and elegant country look. Fleece-lined, it keeps you warm whilst appearing professional. Mainly worn for showing, hunting and lower level eventing, Willow Tweed Jackets are the perfect choice of Dubarry clothing for the observer and rider. 
  • Foyle Hybrid Gilet - Some may believe Gilets are an odd choice for winter attire, but they are ideal for riders. Dubarry clothes’ Foyle Hybrid Gilets are less restrictive than ordinary coats, given their lack of sleeves, giving each rider the ability to move more freely whilst remaining warm. 
  • Barleycove Zip Neck Sweater - A stretchy and sporty jumper, providing comfort whilst eventing or even training. This piece of Dubarry clothing is both smart and casual, with a breathable rich fabric. The Barleycove Zip Neck Sweater is easy to take off without dismounting and more importantly without removing your helmet. 
  • Faux Fur Headband - As we recommend every rider to wear a helmet, the Dubarry clothes Faux Fur Headband is best worn by the observer. An excellent addition to any country wardrobe, this stylish headband keeps your ears warm during cold winter months. Easy to wear around the stables, at horse trials and on long country walks. 
  • Ballycroy Bag - Made from full-grain cowhide leather, the same used on saddles, Dubarry’s Ballycroy Bag provides space for your phone and other essentials. This saddle bag can be used on trail rides as well as for everyday use, complete with an equestrian-inspired fastening and an antique aesthetic. 
  • Gardiner Polo Shirt - Polo shirts provide riders with a professional and classy look, much like golfers, whilst remaining a comfortable Dubarry clothing option. Gardiner Polo Shirts are made from 97% cotton, a breathable and lightweight material making these shirts ideal for summer and warm weather. 

The Dubarry clothes brand continues to grow, reaching new heights every year. Their seasonal catalogues are available to view and order on their website, with each issue different from the last. Dubarry provides smart and casual clothing to sailors, horse riders, and country walkers internationally.

Logo of british country clothing shop Jacks 1952